Our unequaled credibility is our lifeline

Ren San Tech's experience in manufacturing BBQ burners and related products goes back nearly 20 years. RST was established in Taichung, west-central Taiwan in 1991. In the beginning, Weber was our sole customer, with only 1 item produced. The original factory, occupying only 370 square feet and employing five employees, produced 60,000 pieces in its first year of production.


Since then, we have grown to become the largest and most successful original equipment manufacturer of BBQ burners in Asia.


In 2004, RST enlarged its production capacity even further, expanding to a 150,000 square feet manufacturing facility and employing over 100 workers. Since then, our total production has grown to seven million pieces annually.


We owe all of our success to the hard work and dedication of our skilled team of employees. Every man and woman at RST has one primary goal: To provide unparalleled service for our valued clients. This was true twenty years ago, and it remains just as true to this day.